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So I think I managed to get hold of a G80 for my TB I've got the GT4 (3.73) gears in the back, and I'm wanted to keep the gears and install the G80, I know it's possible as many here have done so. The only problem is most of the shops around here are charging more than I can afford and I'd like the satisfaction of at least helping install it myself.

I'm wondering if anyone living in the St. Louis or surrounding area feels like helping out a new TB owner get his feet wet with this install. I've got very minimal tools and would be very appreciative of someone's expertise and help installing this locker.

I would be more than willing to travel a long way to someone's place if they had the tools and knowledge needed to get this installed. And I'd be willing to give you some money for your troubles/time. I've heard it's not a very long job, but it would probably take an afternoon to get it installed correctly.

Or if someone knew of a shop in the area that would keep the install price under $300, I'm actually hoping under $200 but I might as well wish for a million buck to show up on my doorstep.
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