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Looking for motor to drop in 2007 tbss rwd

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I bought this beautiful 2007 tbss last year within 6 months started heading a ticking noise from motor. I was praying that was a lifter cuz it was this light come to find out we cut the filter open and found big shavings. Me and my dad were originally going to rebuild the motor from the ground up send everything out and get everything checked the motor has not been torn down yet still runs surprisingly great so I don't think there's too much damage but I'm trying to find the best way on like a $4,000 to $5,000 at the most budget to replace a motor what's my best route and is a l96 a good block can I use this block or should I just get an LS2 out of a Corvette? I'm new when it comes to LS's and my dad's trying to talk me into dropping at 5.3 TurnKey his buddy has in it to just get it moving as where I don't want to remove the motor twice I want a 6 l aluminum block. Need guidance.
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