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Hello All,
I am looking for a blown or in need repair 4.2L motor for a project I would like to work on. I would like to turbo charge (Single or twin) my 4.2L Envoy, but I don't want to "trial and error" on my truck without getting all the bracket made/bought and then installing it in the truck for testing.

I used to work at Mitsubishi before opening my own shop that since I have sold. I have super changed and turbocharged S-10 Blazers and many other cars in the past and have good experience with these types of projects.

A long block will give me the ability to experiment with custom headers, clearances, (Internally and externally) porting, sensor location changes and fitting of pistons and valves. Any help would be appreciated.

Please IM me if you have a motor I can use as a template, I will pay for shipping. In return, I am hoping to have a full project history with pictures/You tube and have a tried and true way to turbo charge the 4.2L Trailvoy the "right" way, but on a reasonable budget. Maybe I can build a base kit, not including turbo(s) with headers, brackets and so on???
Sooner I can get a long bock, sooner I can get started.

Thanks again!
Chicago, Illinois
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