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2003 chevy trailblazer_ltz
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i have a 2003 ltz and i was thinking of lifting it. as it sits my shocks and struts are blown and i read that some people said something about not getting the BDS rear shocks(with the lift kit) and substituting them with bilsteins, i was wondering why that is, also some links for different components would be great help and what should i do for the fronts seeing as i would want to replace the blown suspension, also i don't do much off roading or towing and everynow and then i have as much as 1500lbs in the back(once every 4months or so) but i would like to have a more aggressive look and maybe fit it with some bigger tires(what else is needed for that) thanks alot for your help
Also after the BDS lift, does the front still sit lower then the back if so is their anyway to fix that and are their anyother lift kits on the market that you guys could remamend
Thanks Alot

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Wow...I'm surprised nobody has jumped all over you for asking lift!

My opinion on this matter is:
If you aren't seriously going to take it off road, get MarkMC's lift kit (search for the word "liftmeister"). It's a spacer kit, similar to that of Suspension Maxx, but made with metal instead of plastic.
If you want bigger tires, and still want to be able to haul that 1500 lbs now and again, do a Z71 rear lift (search for Z71 rear).
My truck has the Smaxx 2.5" front spacer kit, 2" rear block, Z71 rears, and 1.5" wheel spacers and I was able to fit 255/75/17 (32's) BFG Mudders on my truck with no rubbing, or cutting, or anything.

Read more information here:

JamesDowning has set up a great website with everything you'll ever need to know about lifts, etc. I'm sure you'll run across the Roadie (he's the Clint Eastwood of Trailvoy), AlekG (customized...VERY customized lift setup), James Downing (He's got the total package) and a large number of us that have done lifts, and added out own custom touches to make our trucks different.....

Welcome, and remember, if you run into problems, search for the answer prior to posting a new thread about it. I guarantee you'll find the answer 95% of the time. Good luck!!
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