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While this discussion is fresh I'll ask this...

I've been convinced I need to take my system out and replace with coils. This is based on my Envoy's intermittent problem as well as the consensus that the system is way overpriced parts wise for the quality.

Mine sags on the right side under certain conditions. If I park on an incline the next morning the right is at 29", left at 31. I start the vehicle and the compressor kicks on raising the right to 33.5 and left to 34. It will stay that way most of the day especially if driven or parked level.

I 'm wondering if I might have a leak and if so what's the best way to check? Hopefully this is a simple, even if temporary fix as I'm going on a road trip and the coils I plan on installing require 3-5 business days shipping. That's if I have the correct part numbers!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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