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Leather repair or replace?

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My leather seats don't look the best, although applying some 'hyde food' has helped the seating (leather areas), the matched vinyl around the seat is also now cracking. (I'm guessing age, as it was made/bought in '01). I have several 2-3 inch cracks in the outer vinyl, where you can see the cloth mesh under it on the driver's seat. (Front facing area and door side facing area).

Anybody tried placing the aftermarket Katzkin covers over factory leather equipped seats? I know the cloth seat is a bit different, but would it fit with add'l padding or is the problem that the cloth seat is smaller? The seats changed after '04, however I don't see a big difference in their look.....will the later leather fit over the older leather frame? (Some of the leather mfg claim it replaces leather OR converts to leather for the later years, which makes me wonder if it might fit half way decent).

I ask as there are some leather kits in eBay now and I was thinking of ordering one, just want to be sure I should be able to get a decent fit out of them.

Thanks Guys!
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Define "fit half way decent."

The part number source I have been using ( limited to the 2002 & 2003 model years) list different #'s for foam pads inside cloth seats and those inside leather seats. How different are they? No way to tell without the two side by side. My experience tells me they will be very close and you should be able to cover the for cloth foam with leather and cover the for leather foam with cloth with very little modification. Even a so-so auto upholstery shop will be able to handle this for you.

Some TV's have side airbags in the front seat backrest and some do not. Those backrest covers are NOT interchangable.

There is a very good article w/ lots of pictures covering installing Katzkin seat covers on this forum someplace. Check it out. Katzkin covers are not a 100% match for OEM. 95% - 98% the same IMO. Maybe the changes take into account the differences in OEM foam?? My advise is to e-mail Katzkin with your questions -- double check the Kat # for your application -- and then decide if the sets on e-bay meet your needs.

Regardless what route you take YOU WILL HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR CURRENT COVERS to install replacement leather covers.

Full retail at the dealer for OEM replacement covers are in the $500+ per piece range!! --- $500 for drivers seat cushion, $500 for drivers backrest, $500 for front passenger seat, $500 for front pass. backrest, ............. With that being said maybe your defination of "fits half way decent" just changed.
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the 05+ leather seats will fit except there are no holes for the side airbags. Youll have the cut them yourself.
Sort of what I thought looking at pictures of covered cloth seats, the newer seats and comparing them to what my current seats look like. - The dealer prices are absolutely out to lunch, which had me looking at 3rd party (Katzkin) sets. I've recovered van seats before in the past for a friend, but they were CHEAP vinyl covers and didn't fit the best. (Actually they may have been 'universal' covers from JCW as I think of it).

Well off to look for that article and maybe find a set.....I bid on a set last night, however bidding didn't reach the reserve.
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