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Was tightening up the 'parking brake' and, upon removing the rotor, saw that I'd sprung a slight leak. Had seals and bearings put in with a new G80 (*yeah the original blew*) in our '02 TB 4WhlDrv - limited slip from factory - about 3 years ago... surprised that the seal is weeping now. Will check the breather tube as well on Diff (I think I will - if there is one there). :eek:

ANYWAY - I am not going to change bearings, no growl, no noise right now, nothing. JUST want to change the 'seals' -

Does anyone know the 'part number(s)'? Is Timken good? I use Rockauto sometimes BUT AM WILLING TO go with anyone vendor here as well, need to order quickly. Thanks very much.

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Timken is a good part. And, you can change just the seal.

Something like a seal is inexpensive -- just pick it up locally. Should be under $8.00 almost anywhere. Autozone sells Timken and lists a rear axle seal for the TB for 5.99 in my zip code. Probably similar by you.
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