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That's the front differential, and if the leak is on the left side of it, that's the "CV shaft seal". Any competent mechanic should be able to remove the CV shaft from the differential if they know that they have to bang it out by using a long drift punch and a large hammer on the BACK of the inner CV tripot housing.

The seal is available only from GM, but any professional mechanic should be able to replace it.

Find a new mechanic, is my best advice. And a library book on how automotive systems work so you can discuss them using the correct terms. An educated owner is a happier owner. :thumbsup:

Trade it in for a simple seal? Nonsense!

Oh, do you know the maintenance history of the vehicle? How many miles? And have ALL the various fluids been changed? The transfer case is a surprisingly short 50K miles interval.

Oh - reading the Owner's Manual cover-to-cover is your weekend reading assignment. Don't skip ANYTHING.
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