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Just thought I'd share this. Hope it helps some folks before they run out and buy an ignition switch or shifter assy.

Key stuck in ignition, won't turn past ACC position.
Shifter moves freely without pressing the brake pedal.

I took the shifter boot off and saw that the locking mechanism wasn't fully returning to the uppermost postion, preventing the shifter from locking in place. It could be pried up with a screwdriver but resistance could be felt.

After removing the console I noticed the shifter shaft was slightly bent towards the rear of the truck. A few whacks with a hammer, with some blocks of wood between the shaft and the dash for support, and the shaft was straight again.

After cleaning the crud under the console I put it all back together and it's back in business!

My best guess is that 9 years and 108k miles of daily driving slowly bent the shaft until it got to a point where it bound the plastic release shaft up. I wish I had noticed it before taking the console apart but at least I finally cleaned it out under there.



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