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With no sensors, you'll have the TPMS light on the dash until the problem gets corrected. If you move the sensors over from the original rims to the new rims, you may need to simply put the vehicle through a rescan or calibration process to turn off the light. - Somewhere on this site it is listed, with the key on you add/remove at least 5 PSI from each tire in order. I don't have the system on my '02, so I'm not up on the exact order of the wheels, however its something like RF, LF, RR, LR. (Bleed off 5+ PSI and then add it back in). - Our system when equipped is much easier than the older systems used by some of the other models, which is a real PITA. My wife's Altima requires a special scanner, which we need done due to a broken sensor in fact.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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