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Just bought 03 TB EXT

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Hi everyone. I just bought a 2003 TB EXT LT with 160K. It got some serious miles but runs smooth. Ill be posting in the 4.2 for some suggestions on rebuild or swap. Glad to be here.

Great site.
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welcome! anything you need to know im sure you will find here, at least i have!
welcome to the site :tiphat
Hello and welcome.:thumbsup:
Welcome aboard!!! :D
:tiphat Welcome :tiphat .
Howdy and welcome!:tiphat
Welcome to TrailVoy!!! Enjoy your Ride!!!:thumbsup:
Welcome :crazy:
Welcome to the site !

Welcome to TrailVoy ! Use the Search to find posts and threads on many issues .Want to rebuild a 4.2L ? Enjoy the site and welcome aboard.
Welcome! :tiphat

There are a lot of great folks here with a wealth of knowledge and experience just waiting to share it. :grouphug: We all look forward to your contributions as well.

It’s easy to find answers to your questions. The Search Engine is accessible from several locations. Just look for the word “Search” and click on it. A box will open where you will enter your search criteria. “Search” is you friend. Know it. Use it. Love it! :thumbsup:

Have you checked out the Site Rules yet? The site rules can be found under the Resources drop-down menu at the top of any TrailVoy page. A link follows this paragraph. Site Rules provide guidelines for being a responsible participant in the TrailVoy community. :yes: I'm sure you will enjoy this site and it will serve you and your TV for a long time to come. :)
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