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jetttstream has reported a post.

All this guy does is come on the site to promote HIS intake.

not a paying vendor, never has been.

He indirectly posts the site b/c it then takes you to his business website.

Please clean up this thread and you can delete my powdercoat response above.

Please confirm this issue is resolved--sorry to be a pain.

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Posted by: ieatsrt8
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Chris, I went to the site and it says your powdercoating is not recommended. Have things changed in your production process or are you still using the same powdercoater?

from the site:

"Powdercoat COLOR NOTE: I ordered the powdercoat option and would not do it again. The quality of the powdercoat is poor and although it looked great at first, it did not hold up well.

The coating started flaking off under the rubber and moving out into the main exposed area. Also when cleaning the MAF with MAF cleaner it basically destroyed the finish (this came after the bubbling started). I ended up wiping off the powdercoat using thinner down to shiny aluminum which had not been prepped in the slightest for paint. Not the powdercoat I am used to..."

Mike: You are well aware of Rich's shootout site. You also know my email and forum name on all the sites. There is no reason to post this other than attempt to belittle my hard work. I put that link up so folks don't waste their money on mods that DON'T WORK. I didn't say I 100% preach by that website. Its a good starting point, but you still need to research and ask questions. I told Rich we switched our powdercoater a while ago (went out of business) I also offered to have it redone free of charge. Rich declined the offer. Powder Coating should be cleaned with soap and water. I had a blue with metal flakes powder coated intake on my personal TBSS with no issues. :thx

Here is a picture:

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