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Please delete this thread, I no longer carry oil filters and never sold any of these "kits"

Please confirm deletion to [email protected]
Post: New Product: Royal Purple and K&N oil filter kit!
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Posted by: jetttstream
Original Content:
Hey Everyone!

We are shipping Royal Purple FREE during our introductory offer!

Right now we are doing 5w30 and 10w30--however more selections can and will be offered--please PM me if you need something specific!!

1 qt. 5w30 or 10w30 @ $7.99 shipped (kit contains 6qts)

1 KN oil filter
HP-2006 (4.2 liter guys)
or HP-1017 (2007+ TBSS or 5.3L guys)
or HP-1007 (2006 and below TBSS or 5.3L guys) @ $9.86 shipped

Thank you everyone for your continued support and business!


Please keep in mind you may need more than 6qts to complete your oil change. The 6.0L takes 6qts, therefore I could not have the group buy be 7qts to start...sorry! :)

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