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Jettstream's DRL Killer...Anyone?

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I had a shop install Jetttstream's DRL killer in my 06 LT (QUAD w/ AUTO w/ FOG). Unfortunately, the lights don't work properly and the shop is near my parents' place 80 miles away.
Can anyone look at the pics and maybe decipher what is wrong?
I no longer have the instructions that were sent with the shipment so I went online and looked for instructions on his site . The closest thing I found was "DRL remover with AUTO beams". But its talking about locating yellow wire (E4) and green wire (F10), neither of which I could locate.

Anyway -
*Black wire from relay T-tapped to pink wire on tan BCM.
*Red jumper wire T-tapped to green/white wire on tan BCM

*Both blue and yellow wires from relay T-tapped to pink/white wire on grey BCM
*Red jumper wire T-tapped to black/white wire on grey BCM

*Both red jumper wires T-tapped to blue wire on relay

Anything look wrong to you that I need to change?


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what do you mean they dont work right? What options did you chose when you ordered the killer? How are the lights working?
There's 2 problems, though one may be totally unrelated to the DRL killer.
1) The Auto-On doesnt work. At night the lowbeams will not turn on and there were several nights where I had to drive with my highbeams on. Then I learned that if I fiddle with the 3-way light dial at the dash for anywhere from 2-5 minutes (along with turning highbeams on and off randomly), the lowbeams will finally fire up and stay on. But obviously thats not the way it should work, and there is something definitely wrong with the wiring somewhere.

2) this one may be totally unrelated, but need to figure out if its the DRL killer before I pay someone $75 to fix it...the passenger foglight doesnt work. Ive had VVME send me out a replacement bulb AND a replacement ballast, but to no avail. I also checked the fuses and they are ok. Unfortunately I dont understand voltmeters enough to troubleshoot it myself. But my guess is if its not the HID wiring, then it may have something to do with the DRL killer. So I'd like to get the DRL killer working properly first to see if that fixes the foglight issue too.

But ultimately, I'm hoping someone can just look at the pics and be able to tell me if something isnt connected in the right spot...
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Try swapping relays #45 and #46.

It may be a coincidence that relay #46 (the low beam relay) is getting flaky. :m2:

Just remember to put #45 (engine cooling fan relay) back.
Try swapping relays #45 and #46.

It may be a coincidence that relay #46 (the low beam relay) is getting flaky. :m2:
OK I can try that, but may also be worth knowing the setup hasnt worked properly since day 1
Well, I finally got a chance to look at this, and the first thing I notice is in your second picture I see two wires, yellow and blue, both spliced onto the pink/white A5 wire. Re-read instruction 7, the pink/white wire should be cut between the two splices.

Also, I'm fairly certain the quad jumper (red wires) are spliced to the wrong spots. They should be connected to the green F-10 and yellow E4, both on the tan connector, with the green F10 cut and nothing attached to the plug end. Looks like you've got them connected to green/white and black/white? Unless that is the fog part, I don't have that.

I recommend losing the quad for a moment, and getting the lights to work at all first. Then do the quads
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