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Jack w/retainer, wheel chock storage

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I can't figure out how these items are supposed to be packed when not being used, as they were just lying loose when I bought the vehicle. I do know that they are secured under the rear seat but could someone please tell me how they fit together to avoid having them rattle around unsecured?

Application is a 2003 Trailblazer, standard wheelbase.

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Wow --- that's news to me!

My '05 TB/EXT stores the jack, handles (3) etc., in the left rear quarter panel behind the 3rd row seating as you open the rear hatch. .
OK. I ran across another image that shows things a little better. Hopefully it will be of some assistance.

View attachment 59894
Ya know --- I've never looked and this post reminds me that I would like to know if the rear HVAC in my EXT is just an HAC ..?

There doesn't SEEM to be any way of getting outside air into the rear system --- it's just on forever-recirc.
It LOOKS like the drawing shows the jack paraphernalia sitting atop the wheelwell on that vehicle .....

.... but on the EXT, it sits to the rear of the wheelwell ... mostly floor level.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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