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While looking for a drivetrain for street rod project, I came across a wrecked (rollover) '04 Envoy 4.2 with under 4200 miles. Thanks to info from this site I decided to buy it and am in the process of removing everything that can be used on the other car. ('37 La Salle). So technically, I'm an Envoy owner and I think of myself as transplanting its essence into another body where it can live on, hopefully forever...

For everyone that thought that was a little weird, my first car was a Chevy I6 (1963 Bel-Air) and I've always liked the idea of sixes, had a few others, etc.

:tiphat The information and enthusiasm on this site are just amazing. I'm so glad to have found this and hope you won't be offended that I'm not doing a full GMT360 vehicle.

I'll try not to be a pest...


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