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After looking for a while I came across the USA-SPEC PA15-GM, which I've found to be the easiest converter to work with (click below link for more info).

How it works: It connects to your XM receiver behind your glovebox and gives you the ability to contorl your Ipod through your stock HU controls. It also has a r/w rca in to allow for an alternate aux input (see pictures below).

Directions: Its pretty cut & dry. The unit comes with great directions but here are some general steps.

1) Remove glove box
2) Locate XM receiver
3) Connect USA-SPEC PA15-GM
4) Run wiring for ipod/mp3 player
-I ran my wiring through my center console to come up through my center console storage. You can make it look as nice as you want. I just bought a $0.50 grommet from Ace and called it good (See pictures below).


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