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2002 gmc envoy_sle
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Intermittent Low Alternator Charge (guage&voltmeter), Intermittant (Just Clicks) Star


Bought the SUV a few months ago. A few weeks later I packed the car and went to leave for a road trip and starter just clicked and then nothing; then clicked again when trying to start. Needles to say the starter was not engaging so i had to jump across the contacts with a screwdriver and it started right up. Didn't act up again for a week or so then was fine. I noticed the volt gauge had started to fluctuate within the "middle mark" between the 9 and 14 and read anywhere from 11.6 to 13.5 when checking with a voltmeter. I checked with a voltmeter at the battery after the RED Battery light came on during my lunch break the one day and never returned after the next re-start. I had the battery checked, they said it was good. I thought Oh its the alternator.... It had a new alternator on it when i bought it and I know even new parts can go bad pretty quick so i had to get a used alternator. I took the used alternator and had it bench tested before installing it, It tested good. I noticed the connections on the starter looked corroded, I went to undo the nut and the whole plastic side cracked off the starter next to the terminal stud. Got a new Starter ($200) and it was fine and voltage was at 14 on the gauge for the ride home from where i work on it. Next day voltage was back down. maybe about a week later it started the Click...Click when trying to start it. I replaced the Ignition switch and the starter relay in the fuse box. No Luck. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't start unless i pop the hood and jump the starter across the terminals with a screwdriver. Then it starts up after that. The security light also comes on every now n then (rarely)and just stays on till next startup. I did notice the other day that with the key out i could touch the lock cylinder and the gauges would come on (I was a tooth off when i installed and just fixed it today so it works as it should now.) I also noticed that if i am quick and heavy on the gas pedal the Speedometer will Jump around a bit but then is fine, all other gauges operate fine (other than the Volt gauge which is actually correct as it varies voltage measured at the battery) I noticed the Onstar light on the mirror is sometimes red and sometimes green. I don't really know where to go from here. I read a bunch of separate postings where some of the posting applies but not the whole thing. Any help is appreciated. I really don't have more money to keep throwing at it. Thank You
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