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2005 GMC Envoy XL Denali 5.3L 170,xxx Miles
Back story: about two years ago I had issues with the car intermittently cranks but wont start. I tried and ignition switch with no luck. did some more checking of the fuse block and read lots of issues with the fuse block so I went and ordered one. installed the new fuse block, Boom fired right up!

over the past 3 years i have replaced the battery, starter, water pump, evap, plugs and wires.

Now two years later, it died twice when I was driving home one day. Both times I was able to slide the car into neutral and restart then slide it back into drive while coasting 60mph. Next day the same thing happens around the same spot on my drive home. i throw her into natural, restart, nothing. I coast to the side of the road and turn the car completely off and turn the key and it starts, I make it home. now two days go by with out any issues driving to work. and then it dies and i am unable to get it to restart. i Call the tow Company and get a ride home. i meet to tow truck about 90mins after it died and it STARTED :cautious: i still have him tow it home but i told him to leave it running. not to my surprise it was DOA.

i ordered a new fuse block thinking " ah I've been down this road before"
While i wait for the UPS man i figured out that the car will start just fine when its cold and die when it reaches operating temp and will not start until it has cooled off 60-90 mins later. When it does cool off, it will start up every time like nothing is wrong and then dies when it gets up to temp.

Now the fuse block has arrived, install it and it still dies when it reaches operating temp. crap. i run to the parts store to get a new ignition switch and install that and it runs for 2 hours. At this point i think i have fixed it but interestingly enough the next morning i come out to start it to let it run while i drink my coffee to further confirm that i have fixed it and it DIES when reaching operating temps.

i have swapped the PT relay out with a working one, also swapping the FP relay with a working one to no avail. i did notice that both of these relays get pretty warm, FP more so. Also i should add that i have seen codes P0155, P0050, P1682, P0443, P0135, P0335. none of which have returned since clearing.

I'm currently replacing the fuel pump and I figured this is a good time for it, just waiting on the new tank straps.

I'm lost.
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