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2005 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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Lots of thanks to the TB forum for info and confidence to have at the TB repairs--gauge motors, blower controller, ...

Latest adventure was replacing the ignition switch--Passlock light blinked once and that was enough to decide to replace before being stranded. Replacement went well enough but had to install several times to get the teeth lined up: now ok--no power with key out and properly engages at START position. No discernible battery drain.

Immediately after hooking the battery back up I noticed a hum from the B pillar--the temp sensor fan. Never heard it before and the key was out of the ignition. After a bit it quit. Turns out the fan goes on when the door is locked or unlocked, timing out after about 35 seconds. Stays on with the radio until the door is opened then about 35 seconds more. Seems like forever! Auto HVAC works otherwise fine.

Given that 1) I hadn't noticed it before, owned the truck 2 years, and 2) it coincided with the ignition switch replacement, could the switch still be a tooth off or is this "normal" behavior? Sensor went bad? I wonder why power would be to anything, especially HVAC components with the key out, but maybe so.

I'd hate for it to not time out someday and drain the battery. Also don't want to tear the column apart again only to find it was ok.


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