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Interior Lights/Radio turns off automatically now

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I have a 02 Trailblazer LTZ and has DIC control. When I bought the vehicle it came with a remote starter already installed. I only used the remote starter during the winter. There have been a few occasions recently where I have used that remote to unlock/lock my vehicle. Since doing that the installed remote starter kit has taken remote access over my stock remote. I have tried reprogramming the stock remote but no such luck.....also I have notice that since doing that whenever I exit from the vehicle my interior lights do not come on when I open any doors which in the past has. I double checked my DIC settings for that option and its does appear that I have it set to make sure that interiors still come on when opening door. Radio also automatically turns off when before it stayed on until I opened a door....

Long first post I know, but any help would be great! Thanks...
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:tiphat Welcome :tiphat Is there a switch on the dash to keeps the interior lights from coming on when the door opens? Is it set in the off position? I know there is a switch on my '03 envoy. Are the DIC settings the same for both Driver #1 and #2.
I'll have to check on the light switch on the side, i don't think there far as the driver 1 and 2 settings i think there some what different....
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