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Interior LED's

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I am looking at blue interior leds and am wondering what ones to get. I know i need 194 for the 4 inside and 212 for the cargo area light. But is it necessary to get 2 LED's for the two spots in the light panel, or will one suffice? And i am guessing i need a LED with 4 bulbs, or will a LED with a single bulb work?
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The more bulbs the better

I have 5 leds per bulb and it is barely functional as light so i would say no do not go with one led per bulb. The more the merrier.
okay i ended up going with the 4, but for the light at the feet of the driver, how are you to change that light and is that the 194 like the others? also i see that on my 02 envoy that there is no light for the passenger side...if anybody has this same problem, what are they using to add the light under there as well? :thx
The drivers footwell is a 194 IIRC. I have an 02 TB and the passengers side doesn't have a light. Some people have wired one in but I'm not going to bother.

If you use the search feature, you should be able to find posts from others that have wired them in the passengers side.

What footwell lights?

I don't think I have footwell lights do all trailblazers have them or just some?
Well i have an 02 envoy and they have them, but it depends on the year of your trailvoy...soon after 02, GM decided to cut the footwell lights to what seems like try to make the suv cheaper...not sure how that would make it much cheaper :duh:
it really depends on which company u buy the LEDs from. i've bought about $400 worth of LEDs from 3 diff comp. and so far they are all diff. (, Putco PURE Lighting, and the only other recommended comp. i haven't bought from is V-LEDs.

for instance theres 5 LED bulbs in my envoy right now (1 for each passenger and 1 for the cargo area) all of which are from Putco. total number of individual LEDs in my envoy is 48. i bought ONLY 1 bulb replacement for my dad's car, from and it blows my LEDs out the the water. they're super bright and the total number of LEDs on his 1 bulb replacment is 16!!! granted he has a sedan compared my SUV but thats a 3:1 ratio. so for every 3 LEDs i have 1 of his is just as bright! its amazing and disappointing at the same time.

i plan on returning some and shopping around a bit. ill post again when i find what i think are the best ones
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its an awkward postion but all u need is a flat head screw driver to pry out the light housing so can get to the bulb. its a 194 wedge replacement bulb
i bought 4 LEDs for the footwells. 2 for the front and 2 for the rear passengers. they weren't bright enough for me (maybe cuz i have them hooked up to a 9V battery. they run on 12. i dont know). so im goin 2 place them under the exterior door handles for convenience and to give it a nice look at night but u can check them out for yourself.

( check out page 2 under the "Action Shots" tab to find the pic of them being used to light the footwells
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