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A few moths ago I installed the avic 700bt using the gmos-04. The oem flip down worked but video from the avic would not play on it. Today I got the avic video to shown on the flip down.
1) remove flip down. Mine was held in with 4 10mm bolts and clips. You will need to puul hard after the bolts have been unscrewed. The bolts also do not fall because they have a washer holding them in.
2) Using a multimeter in continuity setting figure out which wires are for the video input. In my 06 tb the wires were the the pins on the end on top of each other. Red was ground pin & Black was the positive. USE A MULTIMETER TO CONFIRM THIS IN CASE YOUR WIRING COLORS ARE DIFFERENT.
3) Cut off the tip of an rca and solder the the two wires in.
4) Run the wire to the video input of the headunit.
5) Using a splitter (1 male 2 female) split the signal.
6) Put back together and when the ipod is playing video it should show in the rear.
* Note** The panasonic oem flip down requires something to be plugged in to the audio input for the flip down to operate. I used the end of the rca I cut off and out it in there when I want to watch video. You could permanetly trip this signal if you choose but know that your flip down will always be on and will burn out faster.
This will only allow video from the ipod to show on the flip down. You can still play dvds on the flip down but it will not show on the avic. Working on figuring out which one is the video wire so i can have dvds from the flip down play on the avic.
Hope somebody finds this helpful.
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