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2006 chevy trailblazer_lt
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Hi guys, I'm new here. I recently acquired a 2006 Trailblazer LT that has been having driveshaft \ u-joint issues. The former owner replaced the chewed up old driveshaft with a $35 used rusty junkyard shaft and a new rear u-joint. It wasn't long before the new u-joint fell out. I made an offer on the truck and need to replace shaft yet again (besides being rusty it has 3 or 4 large gouges in the shaft itself). I am on a very limited budget and hate to buy yet another rusty steel shaft. I am thinking of buying an aluminum drive shaft from an earlier year vehicle. I do not plan to off-road, just use it for general transportation here in Denver, Co. My question is, can I use a drive shaft from say 2002-2005 so long as the engine and trans are the same? Any issues with fitment I need to be aware of?

P.S. I recently sold my gen 3 Firebird when I moved to Denver. Replacing the steel driveshaft with a gen 4 aluminum shaft is a very popular direct bolt-in and there are countless threads on the matter. I can't seem to find much at all on a possible Blazer swap, so I appreciate any advice the community has to offer on this subject.

Previous rides:
Chevy Luv with a 350 conversion
1968 SS El Camino
1971 SS El Camino w/functional cowl induction, 454, muncie 4 spd
Several other Chevrolet trucks from 66-92 (1/2 ton - 1 ton crew cab)
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