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A few weeks ago I decided that getting the Kenwood NAV headunit I wanted was going to be too expensive to get at the moment. Since I wasn't going to get it for a LONG time (year or more) and I wanted to play my iPod in my car, I decided to get a FM Modulator. I have tried many FM transmitters but all of them didn't work very good and constantly went to just snow. FM Modulator was the only thing left to do.

This is what I ended up going with...

The Sosche FM-MOD01 Modulator

The modulator needed a ground and a 12v power source. I decided to splice it into the cigarette lighter.

After I wired the power and ground wires, I connected the modulator to the antenna jack on the back of the radio and the antenna wire coming from the antenna.

This view is from further back and you can see more.

I wanted to keep my iPod in the console compartment, routed the RCA and switch cables through the console.

I wanted a clean, stock looking install. I ended up drilling four holes; two for the red/white audio cables, one for the 12v power, and one for the modulator switch. The next few pictures are at different angles.

I needed to get power to the 12v charger connector inside the console, so I tapped into the 12v power source in the rear of the console.

Next I wired everything up to the connectors inside the console bucket to see if my hard work was worth it.

As shown by the switch lighting up and my ipod charger lighting up, everything works!

And here is the finished product!
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