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Post: Cowl Vs Ram Air Hood
User: csc06ss
Infraction: Selling and Advertising
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Administrative Note:
he posted a link to his own website to promote and sell his product

Message to User:
I have altered your threads due to the fact that you are promoting and selling a hood that you in fact sell yourself.

This is in violation of the site rules

Selling and Advertising
  1. <LI itxtvisited="1">Selling, or offering to sell products and or services commercially is NOT permitted unless you join one of our vendor programs. <LI itxtvisited="1">The use of private messages to sell and advertise commercially is NOT permitted. <LI itxtvisited="1">The use of the forum for private member to member selling is NOT permitted. Please use the classifieds section.
  2. Group-Buys can only be organized and offered by a qualified site vendor. Inquires welcome.

You are welcome to contact the administrator for more information.

Original Post:
Hey man I love the Cowl I want to get one for my truck but I have not been able to find one. I was just wondering where did you get yours??

God bless! Scott
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