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Post: Radio Installation Help
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I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my post... This was my first car stereo install and I was not aware that you could buy a harness. For everyone's information some models don't provide 12V from the ACC wire. The harness you need for this is not GMOS whatever number it is a GMRC whatever number. The company also makes a device that will only provide 12V power but will not help out with door chimes. I haven't been able to find that one online yet. I appreciate all of the positive feedback and support I received from those who responded....


All I did was ask a simple question and then a bunch of *******s responded by telling me they have no idea how to fix my problem. If you don't know the answer to something feel free to not say anything. As far as your demeaning comments....

1. The only reason I tapped into the wire in the first place is becasue it worked in a different truck made by the same company. If it didn't work I could have just taken it off, and I will.

2. I know the wire harness isn't the same which is why in my story I said I took a reading to find out the wire with the proper voltage. Coincidentally it was in the same spot... probably becasue they are similar, becasue they are made by the same brand.

3. "ANY other post" on here does not address the problem I had of the voltages being different. If that would have been the case I would not have made my post. Funny how that worked out.

4. Regarding the (the Car's Computer tells the radio to turn on)... the "language they speak" is not french or japanese. It is called electricity... this is why I need twelve volts to turn my radio on and not a ****ing translation dictionary.

5. Great assumption about the aftermarket radio, I think everyone else figured it out as well... Don't go starting a PI service Magnum.

6. My trailblazer is gray... guess what, you still have no idea how to fix my ****ing car.

7. As far as being good with electricity and car stereo installation... if you know how electricity works you can in fact install a car stereo. Installing a car stereo is not hard. That is why the guys at best buy who install car stereo's don't make 500K a year. Albert Einstien is not the last person to succussfully install a car stereo. I did not climb a snow capped mountain to get instructions on how to install a car stereo. You see the people who make the harnesses that you purchase are good with electricity and they make a product that will allow any animal with thumbs to snap two plastic pieces together. This way you can have no idea what is going on, or what to do and still install a car stereo. Then when someone asks for help you can pretend to know how to do it and call the other person dumb when you don't actually have any idea how it works. Then you can tell them an incorrect answer that will eventually lead to a right answer after they do a bunch of research. This will make you feel important when you are not.

8. Things do work when you plug them in, that is why you just ****ing plugged it in.

I just wanted to say thank you to MAY03LT for not being a ****. I don't know what the switched power wire is so I don't know if that is what I was looking for.

To anyone who reads this please don't be a ****head to someone just because they asked a question. Also please don't be a **** head to someone just because you are on the internet and not in person.
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