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you should never use a part-time 4wd system on dry pavement, even the A4WD feature should be avoided then.

If you're still driving you probably didn't break anything, but you had to have stressed a lot of drive line components. Basically any bumps you hit or turns you made would cause the system to bind. I would check for play in the drive shafts u-joints/yokes, not sure what the weak link in our system is, but chances are you only speeded up the time you'll need to replace it.

Plus I'd do an oil change now, I couldn't imagine how hard the engine must have been screaming at 70mph in 4-low, red line much? :crazy: On an old truck I had lost the high range in the transfer case, disconnected the front drive shaft but that was still a scary ride, couldn't go faster than 40mph without starting to overheat.

Pulling the bushes is fine as long as you're doing it properly. Slow and steady, don't tug on the line, put it in 4-low, put it in 1st, and slowly pull them out.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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