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I think I just bought a 2004 trailblazer

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So far, it's a verbal agreement. It will be my only vehicle with any towing capacity. I'd like to tow a small camper. Don't have the camper. It's RWD, I6, SWB, 177k miles. It has a 7 wire trailer connector but no brake controller. Just going over the RPO codes and it's got the 3.42 axle, no posi-traction, and a couple codes for California emissions. Apparently it was a California car in it's early life. The price is right. The rust is less than most here in Indiana. It's gonna need some work on a power steering leak and some front suspension parts.
Runs good, sounds good except for PS whine, shifts good. Trans dip stick is missing. Seller seems like a good guy.
We have to get an emissions test in this Indiana county. Is the California emissions stuff something to worry about? Does it effect the performance or towing ability?
Supposed to pick it up Friday.
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I got a free dipstick from a junk yard. I hope the ATF looks okay.
I watched several youtube videos on front suspension work.
Driver side mirror fold away is loose. Maybe easy fix.
The radio is missing. I don't know it the connectors have been cut. A factory radio is good enough.
Just found out, has 2 keys but no key fobs for the remote door lock. Fobs are on eBay. Doesn't look like you need an original to program one.
I wish it had adjustable lumbar support on the drivers seat.
Supposed to get it tomorrow.
I'm gonna have too many vehicles.
So long as you have a key, you can program up to 4 fobs at the same time. Make sure you get the right fobs, I accidentally ordered for a Suburban, they look exactly the same. The fobs are easy to program. has the instructions. When you have to reset the “change oil” Light after you change the oil ( make sure you do!) it’s On with the key, press gas 2times, light blinks and goes out. I am just waiting for when I have to reprogram something and the instructions are turn to on, stomp on the brake 2 times while clucking like a chicken!!
Finally found a tire date code. They're about 4 1/2 years old. There's good tread. So, I'm good on tires.

I put new a new shock & brake pads on one rear wheel. The shock I removed was a Bilstein. It didn't feel like it was bad but it looked like it's been on the car a long time. I'll do the other side tomorrow.

There is some run out or end play in the rear bearing or axle. You can't wobble the wheel but you can push-pull it in and out enough to feel. Some forum search results say it might be normal.

I'm gonna have to get some kind of tire lift to lift these wheels.
My 04 has struts in the front, I’m thinking yours probably does too. I got mine for $500 and I had to replace a lot under the hood. Control arms,,struts, brakes and rotors Major Tuneup to name a couple of things. You read like you know how to do a lot of the expensive stuff. I watch a lot of the YouTube videos, like ChrisFix‘S for making her Look good, fairly cheap and very quickly.,Otherwise I would be smashing my head against the steering wheel! Good luck to you and, welcome to the family!!!
Well, I should have said congratulations on your newest project, family member!!! With my girls grown and gone and BrokenMan gone too, BABYs my new guilt free $$ project too.!!
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