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I have cleaned the tb 2x

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I need some advice. 05tb 84458 miles I been looking at threads for hrs. I have cleaned the tb twice thinking it was bad I replaced it WRONG ANSWER 158 bones wasted. the vic is still surging at low speed about 20-25 mph. The RPMs fluxuate aprx 300RPMs +or- the normal RPM for this speed which is about 1100 RPM. At higher speeds it boggs down like its towing a Tank. If I mash the peddle it picks up. The battery was unhook for the 2 cleaning for more than 30 min. The battery was unhooked for the new tb for 1.5 hrs. I have no codes. It doesn't matter if the A/C is on or off. It does it about 50% of the time. Highway speeds hardly never. Im looking at changing the plug to 41-103 and the cam pos solenoid. ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME before I spend a lot of $$$$$ on stuff I don't need.:confused:
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Could possibly be a clogged Cat Converter. Hit up an exhaust shop and see what they think.
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