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2004 gmc envoy_sle_xl
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I am going a bit :crazy: here. I had errors that indicated a need to replace the temp sensor, crank position sensor and cam position sensor. All sensors were replaced.

Errors relating to the temp issue are now gone, however, I still get position errors for the crank and cam sensors. HELP! Do I need to recalibrate them? How? I had a friend take it to someone he knows who supposedly has the equipment to do what I think is a "Tech Level 2 reset" of the sensors/computer. If in fact he did this I still have the error and, as you can imagine, the engine is all out of whack with idle and running - not to mention the fuel economy.

What do I do? Someone told me it can take several tries to get the reset/recalibration correct. Is that true? Is there a BETTER way to do this?

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