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Just wanted to put this out there for all of you! I experienced an issue where every time I started the TB Ext there was clicking for the first 5 minutes. It sounded like it was coming from the back right. I came to find out that it was coming from the HVAC unit that is located under the trim. (thanks to Roadie for the diagram thats on here). I took some pics as I went to see what was the issue.

Step one: Take back trim off from Tailgate area. There are four clips that will be there.
Trunk Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Bumper

Step Two: Unbolt the first row right Seat Belt and the Back Row Right Seat Belt
Step Three: Take the upper trim off of the pillars (They are clipped on)
Step Four: Unscrew the 5 screws that in the back right trim piece
Vehicle Car

Step Five: Turn on Truck to identify which part is clicking
----From Here on in deals with my clicking----
Step Six: Unscrew Servo and unclip plug
Step Seven: Replace Servo with new Servo, Screw in and Plug in
Auto part Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle

Step Eight: Turn on truck to make sure clicking is gone
Step Nine: Put the rear trim back, then pillars, then bolt in the seat belts

You're Done!



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