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how many members would want this?

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so we have been emailing back and forth with about a bag kit and we asked them if they made filler plates for the rear lift gate for the license plate and of course they dont offer one but he said if enough people wanted one they would start producing them. which is why im askin everyone on here if it would be a mod you would want to do to clean up the back lift gate? ill attach a simular pic of what we are talkin about to give you a idea.


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that can be a DIY mod that doesnt take much skill.. its welding it on that takes some sort of know how
ya i suck at weldin i tried it a few times and the results sucked major! but would make this part and other filler plates if we can show them there is enough people they would start makin parts for our trucks.
I would be down for it but their customer service sucks a bad one
ohthats good atleast one other person than me is interested, so far since we have been emailin back i havent seen any problems but i havent bought anything from them before. have you or anyone else looked into lambo doors?
ya but i have never seen a TV with them before so thats why i was wondering.
would anyone else be interested in these filler parts and whatever else they can come up with?
wow i was just at the junk yard trying to find a rear liftgate to do this exact mod....i can get a piece of sheet metal and i have my welding certification so this would be a very cheap mod.....what is the info you have on it and what "filler" parts do you have??
You're not going to get many people jumping on this. Any good body shop would be able to weld up the filler panel. Just not that many people willing to do this to their truck. Now if you're trying to find someone to make a new bolt-in panel that might help smooth out the tailgate but require less body work, that might get some peoples attention. Me, I'm haveing my body guy smooth mine out when I bag it this winter:thumbsup:
I would be down for it but their customer service sucks a bad one
By the way, this isn't chassis tech, it's AVS which does have good service. You know the one I showed you that makes the small switch box for the air ride:thumbsup:
We dont have much info yet, they're trying to see how many people would be interested in the filler parts for are trucks. but they're willing to make filler parts door handles and rear lift gate before they give us any specifics on it.
Door handle and rear pannel filler is about as far as they would want to go. Taillights are all different so it would be a lot of work for them to make panels for all the different styles. If they weren't on the other side of the States I would let them use my truck as a template. But like I said I'm just having my body guy make a panel for the rear. I'm not shaveing the door handles for at least another year or two. I'd be down for handle fillers. There is a small market out there but it's not a lot right now. Again most members here on the forum won't be shaveing the rear or handles. It's worth trying for sure, just they would have to realize it's not going to be a big market for them.:m2:
i kinda figured it wouldnt be a big market for them but it was worth tryin i hoping if i can get a few more people to chime in sayin they would be into it then they might go ahead and do it. it would atleast give us a lil more of a market to work with, we have been sendin emails to diferent hood companies tryin to build up our market but havent heard from any of them...:cry:
Heeere you go...
another note is that if you are serious enough about your truck to where you are shaving stuff off, chances are either A (you are skilled enough to be doing it yourself and in the process can make your own filler plate) or B (have a fab shop doing it for you and they too are also skilled enough to make the filler)
I agree... I've never been a fan of those lambo doors.
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