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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt
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Hey all,

Just got this trailblazer for a song and half a dance ;).

Has a few issues that need to be dealt with but the most pressing is as follows:

- Engine starts fine and idle is not too bad. (could probably use new plugs)
- idling produces no high pitch noise
- coasting to a stop produces no high pitch noise, downshifts fine
- increasing throttle produces this very very loud high pitched noise
- engine has very little power (tops out at 45mph)
- noise seems to be coming from passenger side (manifold area)
- also seems to be affecting shifting but on slow acceleration, shifting is excellent

It almost sounds like theres a hole in the exhaust (possibly manifold or gasket) i read another thread where the members catalytic converter produced a high pitch noise (hoping the member can chime in here) ;)

I'll try to upload a video tomorrow.
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