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Hi there, I am new to the forum and have never done this so please bear with me!!!:) ok so the story goes; I just bought a 2003 envoy it has 277000 on it, just needed a work vehicle. Previous owner has replaced the clutch fan, serpentine belt, idle arm, alternator, starter. I brought it home and noticed that it was running high RPM, took it to work today and really payed attention, and it is running at about 4000rpm and the truck seems gutless no get up and go, and it uses 1/8 of a tank and I drove say 60 kms. I put my scanner on it and get these codes as follows
C codes are 0222,0225,0226,0227,0236,0267,0281.
And I have a P code 0128.
The p code from research is the thermostat, does everyone agree to that?
And from research the C codes are pointing to the EBCM. Does everyone agree to that as well. If any one can please help. Thanks
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