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I have a 2004 Ascender. My headlights are dim. Here is the deal. I hit a deer and it did minor damage to left front fender and bumper cover and cracked the headlight lens. I drove it for about 10 days after the accident before putting it in the body shop and the lights all worked as they should. When I got it back, the first night I drove it, both the low and high beams were not as bright as before. the low beams look like daytime running lights and the high beams look like low beams that are just aimed real high. Took it back to shop...reply was, "we did do nothing to the lights but replace the headlight assembly". I didn't argue with them because I realized after about 20 minutes of discussion that they had no intention of admitting they may have done something to cause this. I made an appointment with my local GM dealer ( they said they worked on Ascenders), and left it with them until the next day. When I picked it up they said they couldn't see anything wrong. I asked them if they drove it night to see what they were doing and they said no. I told them how the hell are they going to see what it is doing if they don't drive it at night? They said all the headlights come on and when it goes from dim to bright, the low beams go off and the high beams come on, as they should.

Ok, I got no help from the "pros", so I'm going to the smart people.

1 more piece of info, when on low beam and I pull back on the signal lever for flash to pass, the high beams light up and look like they did when they were working properly.

I hope I have given enough info.

Thanks for any help I receive!:suicide:
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