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Hi everyone. Yet another post by the duck w/ some pics of things
to do and things NOT to do if you're installing Low Beam (9006) HIDs.

First, I want to recommend Jetttstream as the vendor. The parts are
good quality. The price is good and the owner "Mike" is probably one
of the most helpful people I've dealt with. He's def. willing to make-it-right
if you have any issues. The HID installation write up on his site was also
instrumental in getting this working. He actually answered a call or 3
from me during the installation, as I'm an idiot sometimes and had
a question or 2.

This is the Xenon Kit for 9006 w/ relay and DRL module. Color Temp: 6000K.

Ok, on to the experience.

Pulling the grill and headlight housings was much easier than I expected.
Just follow the HID installation in the articles section for those bits
and its a 20 min job.

Next was working on the housings. I got the bulbs installed and the wiring
routed out thru the dust boot. Ran the Relay cable around the engine
compartment and hooked it all up. Aside from a few questions, I managed
to get it right the first time, again, thanks in large part to Jetttstream's
write up as well as his service after the sale.

Since there are already write ups out there, I thought I'd stick to a few
things that were not quite clear to me, as well as a few minor mistakes that
will save you time on your installation.

The final pic below is without any adjustments to the headlight beams.
The pic shows them glaring, but they dont IRL. Its the camera.
I'm going for a drive shortly to see if they are ok, as is.

Lastly, I'm going to try and not do the QuadMod or the DRL killer.
I like DRLs and I dont really need the quad mod. My only remaining issue
with HID is the keyfob unlock button. When I hit it, sometimes, only 1
light lights up. I plan on addressing this tomorrow @ the dealer by asking
them to disable that single feature. Specifically, headlights on when
unlock is pressed @ night.

Now, das pics.

Grounding was easy. This bolt is in the perfect place and worked fine.
There is one on each side of the engine compartment.

When you are routing the relay across the engine compartment,
DO NOT zip tie to the convient holes shown below. These are where
the grill guides pop in.

Make sure you run your wires thru this opening or you cant snap your
headlights back in. Yes, I learned this the hard way..;)

How NOT to wire in the power for the relay.

The better way to wire in the power for the relay.

On the driver's side, you'll want to take the harness that plugged into
your bulb and plug it into the Relay. In this case, since I have a DRL
module, the module plugs into the relay harness and the headlight harness
plugs into the DRL plug. This is how the relay knows to turn on power.
In this picture, the wires on the left that I'm holding are from the new
HID bulb and they are plugged into the ballast. The wire on the right is
what previously plugged into the stock bulb.

Final Test, before putting everything back to together. :woot:

They see me rollin, they hatin...patrollin, they tryin ta catch me ridin dirty

JeTTTstream Automotive Technologies
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Wow looks great!!

Thanks for taking the time to write all of this up!

Keep me in the loop!


2006 chevy trailblazer_ls
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A few more pics of the results. From my very simple testing last night
w/ a friend, they dont appear to be blinding anyone.

BTW, these are 6000K temp HIDs.


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I have a similar issue installing new aftermarket HID headlights (HID-2LHP-TBLZ02JM-V2-RS) into my 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT. The plug and play part is easy but the remaining black and red wires need to be spliced into the headlights parking and ground. I don't know if that is correct so I just wanted to make sure before I make a huge mistake. The manufacturer of these headlights do not give any instructions.


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