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first off, what is the quad-beam mod, and what does it accomplish? and second, the drm-killer is so the hid bulb doesn't flicker on and off or what?
As has been mentioned, the quad beam set-up makes all 4 lights go on at once, and yes, the DRL killer shuts the DRL off.....otherwise, the lower voltage that is used for normal bulbs (around 9v) will make HID's flicker....they need full 12v to stay on normally.

BTW, as for what color temp you get, anything above 6000k will give your lights a blue tint. Factory HID's are around 4300k, and have a yellow tint, but actually give more light (higher #= more blue/less light, lower # = more yellow, but more light).

IMO, the best are either 5000 or 6000k...nice white light, no blue or yellow tint to speak of. I put 6000k in my TB, but wish I had gotten the 5000.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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