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wats goin on everyone, first off as a 6 month old tb owner i jus wana say that i love my 05' tb lt dvd player in back for yhe kids but i have a question regarding my ac/heat blower. sometimes it will just start blowing out of nowhere, sometimes it will not blow when i need ac or heat or when i adjust the fan setting to higher or lower it wont do anything at all it seems to have a mind of its own. worst of all it sometimes will keep blowing even after the engine is off and key removed like one morning i got in the car for work and the battery was dead and had to jump start it... now when the blower decides to stay on i just pull the fuse, its sad i love my tb but its not behaving very well... appreciate the help. and by the way i have the digital display with the split knob controls for right/left side of the cabin temp control. :confused:
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