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The seller is Ezaccessory. :hissy: :no: :eek: :nono: :ugh: :rolleyes: :hahano: :worried: :( :x :mad: :bonk: :hissy: :no: :nono: :ugh:

My first set of spacers were made by that bum. Incompetent machining. Horrible customer service. Shipped short the required lug nuts. Refused to make good the remachining I had to do to fix their incorrectly sized centerbore holes. (Three different sizes on the four spacers I bought.)

I fixed them, ended up selling them to Mario after using them for a couple of years, so they're strong.

But Ezaccessory is a crooked, incompetent, lying, substandard, stupid, goofball of a vendor who I've been telling the truth about for over 3 years now as I steer business to Fred Goeske.

Thanks for asking. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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