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2003 Chevy Trailblazer LT
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Welcome --- it's your turn to buy the beer ...........

Post the Year - Make - Model - Engine Size ... the sound system is OK --- but for anything more "mechanical" - you'll need that info posted here .... onsite ...

There are RULES!

NEVER disconnect the battery --- it's a very bad thing to do and you'll get a thorough education on THAT in subsequent posts --- (watch out for Ravalli Surfer --- he's murder on people who do that!) ... just don't do it --- disconnect the battery, that is.

There will be other rules that you will incur upon time to time. Punishment is quick and merciful.

There are some training videos --- some educational videos --- some home movies of the kids at the beach ------ and some kinda earthy posters who will direct you to those posts, since many of your future questions have all been asked already ... but frankly, you'll find an extreme shortage of "stereo" information as there are just too many different units out there for anyone to be versed in any particular one.

... don't forget the beer ... make mine a Mexican --- preferably Corona or Sol .... cold and I want to open the bottle to be sure it's not an empty refilled-with-cheap-draft beer ... ok?

Corona o god no. Modelo all the way
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