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2007 gmc envoy_denali
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Yeah, Imma do it!

Let me say first, that I did a search on the net, and any topic about a 4X4 swap always ends in "it's just too darn hard and expensive!" BULLSPIT! It's worth noting a run a repair shop so the whole project should only take maybe 20 hours AT MOST! Including rebuilding the trans, engine, and transfer case when I get one.

Bought a 2006 Denali, and had it towed home to find it was a 4X2. Oops!

But pickapart is FULL of these things!

So a list, and I need help to add anything I forget. I will take pictures and do a full write up over the next month (the engine is also being built!).


New process (forget the number) but the NP8 unit (transfer case)
front drive shaft
rear drive shaft (gonna be shorter!)
Front differential
front right intermediate shaft (axle)
CV axles
CV axle NUTS!
axle disconnect
a life
4wd module, engine ECU, body ECU
a girlfriend
4X4 selector switch
various fuses maybe

Last and not least.....Swap 3.42 with 3.73 OBVIOUSLY! lol!

Did I miss anything? maybe mounts

Questions! If you know the answer, please do!

Any other ECUs I should grab? I would rather get them all from the same donor vehicle so that no reprogramming need be done! I don't know if the Maxisys can do it or not.

What wiring do I need to add? I have read about the switch having a connector, and I assume there is a connector for the 4wd module since the switch wiring has to terminate there.

Just in case all that makes you guys queasy..... I'm also swapping the entire interior so I can go black on black. It's red, and I want that special SS sparkle stuff!

The engine sat for a year at a repair shop (they sold it to me) with a head off. Need rehoned and pintonated. This is the M engine, aluminum block. What should I bore out to? I also want to shave those heads a bit. ALready has the flat-tops in them, being the LH6, so the only mods I will do will be boring, shaving the head, porting the head.

The guy was going to rebuild it himself, but the shop got too busy. Already have a bunch of new FELT-PROFESSIONAL gasketing!

more compression = more efficiency!

Scotchy scotch scotch!

Last and not least.....Swap 3.42 with 3.73 OBVIOUSLY! lol!
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