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help Secondary Air Injection Check Valve repair

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The secondary air injection check valve thingy in US and Canada etc where trailblazers are usually most sold and driven is around 70 usd
altho here that thing is 500 USD and NO WAY IN HELL I'm willing to spend that much

I wanna know if it is repairable I'm getting this code
P2431 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Pressure Sensor Performance
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Because I have never seen one close up and off the engine, I cannot say if it is repairable. If I were in your shoes, I would go ahead and take if off and see if can be disassembled and cleaned up and "repaired" if necessary.

Good Luck!
Yep got it fixed just needed to dump in lots of AcDelco carburetor cleaner code is gone
car still stalls during mornings when its cold but starts right back up again
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