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Now that your problem is hopefully resolved, I have a similar problem but not completely and didn't want to start a new thread.

I was with a friend yesterday in his '02 TB LT I6 4X4. We were driving around and stopped on a flat grade for approx 5 minutes then he went to put the vehicle back in gear and the transmission wouldn't shift out of park. No Check engine light, No service 4WD anything. He shifted into park, reverse, neutral, drive, checked the accelerator, engine showed up to 4000 RPMs but vehicle wouldn't move and we could tell the parking brake was released. He shut it completely off key out opened door and restarted and it ran just fine for 60 miles.

He has just purchased this vehicle and is very happy with it but we are hoping this is not a hint of whats to come. Shortly before this event somebody else was test driving the vehicle and we were riding along and noticed the other driver putting alot of stress on the transmission and the 4WD system by driving around in a flat wal-mart parking lot switching thru the different 4WD settings. I can understand wanting to test the shifting and making sure all side work but not in the paved lot of wally-world! Could this stress have anything to do with the transmission failure later experienced? There was probably an hour, approx 5 miles of city driving and several on and off's of the vehicle between the 2 events.
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