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Help me spruce it up a little

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I recently bought a 2005 TB LT. I like it, drives smooth, nice options, dig the NAV System.. but I'd like to get the most out of it. I wouldn't mind taking the running boards off, but I noticed the kids using them when they get in and out, so I was thinking about a lift kit. Would this cause any additional wear or tear on the rest of the truck? Would I need new tires then also?

Also, I was hoping to improve the gas mileage up from the 17 to 19 I've been getting. (The lift kit I know would work against that) but are there any improvements I can make to the 6cyl I've got that would help?
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Welcome to TrailVoy!!! Enjoy your Ride!!!:thumbsup:

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So the CAI is the Cold Air Intake, sounds good and easy to do too. I like easy. The quad lights sound a bit more challenging. I'm assuming (from what I can glean from other threads) that means I crosswire the other bulbs in the tail lights to the brake lights and the running lights so both go on with the lights and also turn bright when I brake?

Whats a CMS Drop?
Welcome! You may find the search button quite useful....if it can be done it has been here! :O)
:tiphat Welcome :tiphat There is a little more to it for the quad taillights. The taillight sockets are on a circuit board.
Let me know if you take the running boards off. I want to install some.
The wife likes them and I can see that the kids are using them to get in and out so they'll probably stay. I was pretty disappointed to find the remains of an egg smashed into one of my fog lights. Don't know if its personal or just the wrong place at the wrong time but it looks like I have it cleaned up ok. I also noticed a crack in my passenger side mirror housing. I'll have to replace that. On one hand it sucks having a vehicle you actually care how it looks (as well as drives) and on the other hand its a nice change from the F150 I owned before the 05 TB.:yes:

Still doing the research though. I have learned I do have the G80 Dif. I understand from the other threads how it works, but can anyone tell me how I get it to engage or is it completely automatic?
I can't comment on the lift since I'm planning on going the other direction, but I can say that getting a PCM tune is the best way to get the most out of our engines. If I were you, I'd definitely look into that.
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