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Knowing nothing about stereo systems, I recently decided to upgrade my back speakers since one blew out. I bought some Alpine Type-R SPR-17S, but then i was reading that you shouldn't put component in the rear. So rather if i have to put them infront i'm still left with no back speakers, so i figure why not try and make a small system. I would like to be able to turn up the bass and have the rear view mirror shake so much that i cant see anything when driving. At the very least feel a little breath taking effect when i put bass up. I dont know how to achieve this so I would love it if you would give me your input. This is what i have so far

Kenwood KDC-MP342U
Front Doors: STOCK
Rear Door: Stock

(Alpine Type-R SPR-17S waiting to be delivered)

I don't know what my budget:m2: is, but i would love to hear all your ideas.

Thank you in advance for your replies.:thx
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