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To make a long story short, my battery died, and in the process of pushing my TB back into my garage, the driver door was left open. The door hit a tree while moving backward and bent it too far forward. Further proof that vehicles and trees don't mix.

I'm not worried about the dent it left on the door, but (as pictured below) it bent the hinges forward. Now, the door hits the quarter panel anytime it's opened or closed. Does anyone have any suggestions for straightening out these hinges? They are welded to the body, so it doesn't seem like something I can simply replace.

I tried hitting it with a heavy hammer and a deep socket, but it isn't enough force to push it back. There doesn't appear to be a good angle to pry it either, as it would be pulling outward on the quarter panel. Does anyone have any suggestions for knocking these hinges back into place? Or is there a way to remove the inner part of the hinge? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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