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This has most likely been addressed in another thread but I wanted to add my two cents to it with this thread. I have a Navigation/Radio in my 04 TB where the face of the buttons are wearing/flacking off. Very annoying indeed as I think it cheapens the look of my nice ride. I ran into this same problem in my 04 Yukon/Denali. I was able to stumble upon through ebay this source of buttons. While it is is NOT cheap.....100.00 to do most of the buttons on the radio, it is cheaper than a different radio and makes the radio look like new. Needless to say with my sucess with the Yukon I will be doing this soon to my TB too. I hope that this may help out someone else who is as annoyed as I was/am that my nice ride looked so cheap by this radio issue.
It appears they have buttons for other radios as well.
Thanks for putting up with my post as I am new here and have not read every thread to see if anyone else had listed this source.
OK so my link is not allowing you to click on it. What am I doing wrong?
I may have put this thread in the wrong area too......maybe I will end my posting days if this keeps up. Sorry about that everyone.
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