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2006 gmc envoy_denali
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Having problems with 2006 Envoy Denali V8.
I've read the thread from earlier, where they were having problem with oil disappearing.
This has happened twice to me in the last year. Once last summer when my daughter was on a trip, she heard ticking and took Envoy to GMC and was 4 qts low.
Have always had oil changed at GM dealer before getting to 20% life.
In Jan '09 had GMC perform 30G tune-up. Closer to 38G, Oil was changed. have driven 2500 miles since.
Today, started running really rough, checked oil,(on level ground) and it was 4 qts low! Oil pressure never changed on dash,even after adding oil, stayed above 1/2 way around 50.
Engine light did come on steady and then flashing.
I have checked driveway and work parking and see zero oil stains.
I am still under extended warranty, and plan on returning to GMC.
Am I looking at some serious engine repairs?
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