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First off, I have a 4X4 that I use for pulling our travel trailer. Won't be talking about it as it's not one that this forum is focused on.

You may ask why I'm posting here.

Answer, I'm renting a room from The Rodie.

We met 15+ years ago and worked togather at the same company. The Rodie moved on and our paths have crossed again.

Went off roading a few weeks back, the Rodie mobile is a great, I was amazed at all the high tech equipment. We had agreat time and he posted many of the pictures I took.

Today was very interesting, taking pictures of the rear axle being removed and new one installed, plus other tasks and even a few suggestions given. Some of these pictures will soon be posted.

Expect to have more adventures with The Rodie once he's back up and running.

Alway nice to make new friends. :tiphat


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We're all wishing your house sale goes through soon so Mrs. Bobcat can move down here and you can buy one while the prices are low. The price of admission to San Diego is pretty high, but when you can use your outdoors to live/cook/eat in 9-10 months of the year with zero mosquitoes, your house is virtually bigger as a result.

But thanks for posting, and for riding shotgun in the one and only Roadiemobile.
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